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Schlurp !
Ludic Programmation
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Goal of the game :

To program, to get some fun and pleasure while learning tricks and tails...

In second place, to write a virtual player (a DLL) that will win over the ones from the others concurents, preferably faster.

How ?

For the Pascal developpers (Delphi environnement) :

1) Download (44k, from pentium and above) or, for older computers, (23K, 486 compatible). It already contains PascalP.dll and Joueur.dpr
2) Write your player dll from the "Joueur.dpr" file, taht contain all the requested framework.
3) Drop your DLL in the same folder than Schlurp.exe, and your player will apears in the <Joueur1> et <Joueur2> menus.
4) Send it to me. I will opposite it to the others, compute its note and place it here.

For the C developpers :

1) Download the alone executable file (187k, pentium and above) or (135 k, 486 compatible), then get the empty dll (framework) :

- for Borland C++ 5.02 (3 k), sent by "Yanos El Guerilleros"
- for C++ Builder (3 k), issued from the work of Jean-Marc Vaginay.

2) Follow the 2) and 3) from Delphi developpers.

For any other language :

I apologise to have anything to propose to you. If you can write an empty dll from any above, you are welcome to send it me. I will add it here !

Classification of the participants :

The classification is done from the results of 10 games. As it is always the "Player 1" that start, the DLL in test will starts 5 games, and will let its oppent to start in the 5 others games.

Two criterias are used to compute the score :
- The average of the differences from pawns between the two players,
- the average thought time along all the the game.

Note :

* The DLL, emails, etc will never be used for any commercial or not commercial purpose. There only will be posted here.
* "The 7th Guest" is a game from Virgin Entertainment / Trilobyte, with an excellent make, even if out in 1993.
It has had a sequel : "The 11th hour".

Rules of the game :

When it is your turn (your color is displayed in the bottom-right corner) :
1) Select one of your pawn (form your color).
2) Duplicate that pawn in any of the close free cell (by border or corners, 8 cells max) or make it to jump over a close row or column and drop in an empty cell (2 cases distant from the start position, 16 possible solutions).
3) All the pawn close the played case are contamined and turn to the last played pawn color.

A player that cannot play (any free cell with range of its pawns) give its turn.
A player without any pawn have lost. :-(

is that which has the most pawns when the plate is filled or which succeeded in not leaving any pawn with its adversary .

History :

V1.0 21/12/1998
* First version in TP6-7 under DOS

V2.0 15/06/1999
* Win32 version with Delphi3

V2.01 16/06/1999
* Correction of "manual" mode : a click in an empty cell before select a pawn to play caused an attempt to cheat.
-> Added the version number in the "about" screen.

V2.02 08/07/1999
* A copy of the checkerwork is passed to the DLL to disable any cheat attempt by modify it directely !
* Stats correction : if the first player cheats on the first turn, the opposant win without have any turn. Its average time is not computable.

V2.10 04/08/1999
* Added the played history and the cells references numbers
* Show the refused play in case of cheat temptative
* Better forms naming convention (UF_ for Unit with Form)

V2.2 29/12/2004
* Added the turnament screen and menu tha enable to launch directly the 10 games and to copy the results (ie to paste in excel :-).
* Timing are now based on the pentium cycle counter, a lot of more accurate than GetTickCount.
* Display the name of the player assigned to a color.
* Better view of a pawn which jump (progressive erasing)

Received DLL

Author Player name Language DLL Size Version Source
Pascal Peyremorte Pascal Peyremorte (V1.0) Delphi 3.02 10k 1.0 mystère !
Paul Toth   Paul TOTH (v1.0) Delphi 2 5k 1.0 mystère !
Eric Pignet ** Eric Pignet ** (1) Delphi 10k 1 mystère !
Mardirossian MARDIP V2.0 Delphi 96k 2.0 mystère !
Mardirossian MARDI V2.2 Delphi 10k 2.2 mystère !
Mardirossian MARDIP V3.0 Delphi 10k 3.0 mystère !
Waugh! Waugh! V0.4 VisualC++ 11k 0.4 mystère !
Waugh! Waugh! V0.5 VisualC++ 11k 0.5 mystère !
Daniel D. Daniel D. V1.0 Delphi 11k 1.0 mystère !
Pascal Peyremorte Pascal Peyremorte (V1.1) Delphi 3.02 10k 1.1 mystère !



By brute force

The force is the average at the end of the 10 games of the difference "Player in test pawns" - "Pascal P V1.1 pawns".

It is positive if the DLL wins, negative if PascalP V1.1 wins.

Player name
Daniel D. V1.0
Stauf (!)
From the original 7th Guest (note)
Paul TOTH (v1.0)
1,00 ( reference !)
PascalP V1.1
MardiP V2.0
Waugh! V0.4
MardiP V3.0
penalized by 3 invalid play
Waugh! V0.5
penalized by 3 invalid play
** Eric Pignet ** (1)
  (note) : The result is based on 5 games only as Stauf does not enable you to start.

By score

Player name
Daniel D. V1.0
Paul TOTH (v1.0)
1,00 (Référence !)
PascalP V1.1
Waugh! V0.5
Waugh! V0.4
MardiP V3.0
MardiP V2.0
** Eric Pignet ** (1)
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